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New amenities and cabins for Etty Bay

Etty Bay will be sporting two new cabins just in time for spring. The installation of the cabins follows a full refurbishment of the guest amenities, completed earlier this month.

Crafted in Queensland by #blackflycontainers, the two new sustainable cabins feature modern finishes, adding to the luxury options available at the Park. Each cabin features an ensuite, air-conditioning, and kitchen facilities. Both complement the aesthetics of the existing couples' cabin installed in 2020. Bookings for the two new couples' cabins will be available online at from September 2021.

Earlier this month, major construction works were also completed on the guest amenities. The building, which has survived multiple cyclones, remains. However, the interior amenities have undergone a major refurbishment. They feature an all-new, modern fit-out with new shower and toilet amenities. We engaged local contractors to complete all works, reinforcing our commitment to investing in the region.

Completion of these works is another step towards the Etty Bay master plan.

The Cassowary Coast Regional Council has also completed upgrades to the public amenities space parallel to upgrades for the guest amenities. Council will retain maintenance responsibilities for the public amenities.

To find out more about up-cycled containers, check out #blackflycontainers

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