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Summer Holidays: Camping Edit

There's no better way to enjoy the summer holidays than a camping trip with the whole family.

Whether you choose to go off the beaten path or stay in a holiday park with all the bells and whistles, camping provides opportunities for simple enjoyment and rich experiences. Board games, cards, sundowners, bikes, boats, swimming, beach cricket, footy and even hikes are a great way for the whole family to reconnect and spend some quality time together. And, even after all that, there's still plenty of time to share stories, tell jokes and just chill out as a family.

Here's our top tips for a great family summer holiday!

1. First aid

Spills and thrills are pretty common with kids spending more time outside, on bikes, at the beach, in water holes and more. So, pack a good antiseptic cream along with a well stocked first aid kit to treat all those bumps and bruises. Once the patching up is done, share stories about your own experiences and the scars to prove it!

2. Wet weather

Summer storms are a thing here in Australia, so pack some wet weather gear to get you through. You might not need it but you'll be glad you packed it if you do. There's nothing like sitting out and watching a lightening show from the comfort of your campsite or taking a walk along the beach in the wet.

3. Sundowners

Share platters are a great way to enjoy sundowners with the whole family. Stack it with plenty of vegie sticks, dips, dried fruit, nuts and cheese and you might even manage to get a night off cooking on the BBQ.

4. Repair kit

Summer storms and high winds can happen. So pack extra ropes, pegs, spare poles and plenty of quality tape for repairs and additional tie downs. If you need them, you'll be glad you did.

5. Plan for ease

If you're new to camping or don't quite have the enthusiasm you used to for hammering in pegs, there are plenty of hacks to make your camping trips easier. A cordless toolkit might just be the thing to make the mundane tasks or setting up and cleaning up your campsite just that little bit easier:

- use a cordless drill to screw in pegs

- swap your broom for a cordless blower vac

- bring a cordless electric pump for inflatable swimming toys and air beds

Just make sure your battery is fully charged before your go!

Our final tip is to plan your next camping trip while you're still away. There's nothing quite like looking forward to your next getaway before you've even finished the current one. Happy camping!


Great family holiday destinations:

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