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Kids who camp: My camping trip to Elliott Heads

by Sienna, aged 7

Me and my family went to Elliott Heads. It was amazing! I made a friend called Gabby. She is eight. I'm seven.

When I was at Elliott Heads I went to the bowling club. That is where I met Gabby. We played barefoot bowls and stayed for pizza night. Mummy and Daddy said it was great because kids can eat for free there some nights.

The next day we went to the rock pools. We walked across the beach at low tide. I did lots of cartwheels and handstands. We saw sea creatures and colourful fish.

We also went for long swims at the beach. Gabby has the exact same boogie board as me and my brother. We had so much fun.

We went for a bike ride along the path. My brother got swooped by a magpie on his bike. He thought it was funny but I was a bit scared. Daddy put some sticks on my helmet so they didn't swoop me.

We really liked taking our bikes out before dinner time too. First, we rode around the park and said hello to everyone. Then we took turns riding down the hill.

The last day we picked strawberries at a farm. I picked so many. Even more than my brother did. Mummy got us all ice creams after. Me and Daddy and my brother had strawberry flavour. Mummy got dragonfruit and lime. We got some strawberry jam for us to take home too. It was so yummy. We got some passion fruit butter for my Nanny.

I loved my camping trip to Elliott Heads and asked my Mummy when we can go back?


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