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Five of the best camping hacks you need to try

Whether you're a pro or just starting our, these #campinghacks can make camping life even more comfortable for the whole family.

1. Baby Powder

Camping on or near the beach is a great Aussie past-time. The only downside is when you just can't get the sand off yourself (or your little ones), and everything ends up covered in sand. The camping hack you're going to love is baby powder. Once you're dry, liberally apply baby powder or talcum powder on any areas of the body where the sand is still sticking and simply brush off. Tadah! Sand free just in time for bed.

2. Frozen blocks

If you're relying on an esky to keep your food cold, a great camping hack is to pop your (already marinated) meat in a zip lock bag and then place it in a container filled with water. Freeze the container, and your meat will keep for longer. Better yet, you won't have meat juice running through your esky.

3. Screw-in pegs

Whacking a peg into the hard ground is never fun. The noise, the effort, the bent pegs, it all adds up. An easy way around that is to get tent pegs that screw into the ground. There are a variety of types, some expensive, some not so. You can screw them by hand or even use a drill with a hex bit. It might just save your marriage!

4. Headlamps

It might sound simple, but a trusty headlamp or head torch is great for everyone. Keep your hands free so you can go about tasks like cooking, washing up, card games, fishing and, so much more. Headlamps are also great for the kids as they scoot or ride around the campgrounds. It helps them see and, it allows others to see them in the late afternoon light.

5. Pool noodles

Versatile and handy for so many things, the simple pool noodle is one camping hack that everyone can use.

a. First off, the more traditional use. Simply pop one under your arms as you bob around, relaxing in the water.

b. Cut into lengths with a slice up the side and place on your guy ropes to help prevent tripping falls. You can also use longer lengths to protect for clashes with caravan awning supports or place them on sharp corners to protect from scratches.

c. Slice along the side and affix to an awning or tarp for your very own pool noodle gutter. The water will collect along the noodle and be forced out along the sides (but, be warned it probably won’t hold up in a heavy downpour!)

d. Water pooling in your gazebo? Pool noodles can help with that too. Simply thread a pool noodle between the frame and the canopy in each corner to help the water runoff.

e. If you're camping without amenities, but the thought of squatting over a hole has your quads screaming, grab your trusty pool noodle, a garbage bag, and a sturdy bucket. Slice the pool noodle along the side, place the bag in the bucket, and secure it along the sides with the pool noodle. And, there you have it, your very own camping loo.

So, that’s it. Five of the best camping hacks to make your next camping trip a good one. Happy camping y’all!

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