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Your DOG deserves a camping trip

Camping in beautiful, natural surroundings can be even more fun if your dog comes on holiday with you. But, it helps to be prepared. Here are our top tips for #campingwithdogs

Top Tips for #campingwithdogs

  1. Find a suitable campsite Start by checking that your preferred campground is dog friendly. Sites like Boreen Point Campground in the Noosa hinterland and Mission Beach Camping and Caravan Park in tropical North Queensland welcome your four-legged friends but sometimes there can be requirements like a dog application form to complete or restrictions during busy holiday periods.

  2. Research your destination Research your destination to identify nearby options such as parks and beaches where you can exercise your dog comfortably and pet-friendly venues if you wish to dine out. It's also a good idea to research the number of the nearest vet or pet emergency, just in case!

  3. Take the right gear Keep your dog feeling comfortable by taking their essentials such as bedding, food and water bowls and walking lead. If it's cold, throw in an extra blanket and towel for your four-legged friend. Generally, dogs are not allowed to be off-leash at most campgrounds. A long lead is a great option for around the campsite and for beach or park play if there isn't an off-leash area.

  4. Avoid any sudden dietary changes Bring your usual food, treats and any medication your dog may require. Have their vaccinations and preventative treatments for fleas, ticks and worms up to date as well.

  5. Be a responsible pet owner Check your contact details are up to date on their collar tag and microchip. Never leave your dog unattended and ensure you comply with the park rules. That generally means keeping your dog on a lead at all times within the grounds and being responsive to basic commands. If you do want to plan a day trip, research pet sitters in advance.

  6. Enjoy your surroundings Taking your dog camping is a great way to explore the great outdoors. Slow down and take a look around with your best friend by your side.

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