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A new phase for Etty Bay

January 2021

Following finalisation of the lease terms, 2021 will see the new phase of development commence for Etty Bay Caravan Park.

The long-term plans includes new, modern cabins, glamping options, new and upgraded amenities and a Tavern.


The removal of older cabins will commence in 2021, making way for some exciting new accommodation options at Etty Bay. In addition to more sustainable cabin accommodation, planning is underway to introduce glamping options to the park.


The amenities block at Etty Bay is also due for an overhaul in 2021. The Cassowary Coast Regional Council has committed to making upgrades to the public amenities space in parallel to upgrades for the park's amenities. Council will retain maintenance responsibilities for the public amenities following the upgrade.

The master plan also includes space for a new camp kitchen, a designated laundry space for guests and a grey water reticulation plan.


A development application is set to be lodged in 2021 for the Etty Bay Tavern. Envisioned as a social space, the contemporary development will serve food and liquor. Existing caretaker accommodation will make way for the tavern providing spectacular views across the Bay. The existing kitchen and general store will continue to operate in parallel to the proposed development. If the application for the tavern is approved, Etty Bay Tavern will offer a fantastic community and entertainment venue for the region.


Expressions of Interest are also sought from small businesses and start-ups to sub-lease the existing take-away Kitchen. Visit 1EIGHT Parks for more information.

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