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Best camping coffee!

You shouldn't have to endure average coffee while camping. These days there are a range of easy coffee options from bags to beans and drip coffee pots. We've tried a lot of them and our favorite is @thelaughingpug Coffee Co.

Their super convenient pour over bags are filled with freshly ground beans, leaving you with seriously good coffee in just minutes.

  • Simply tear open the package, and remove the drip coffee bag

  • Pull the cardboard wings open and position on each side of your coffee cup

  • Pour over hot water until the drip coffee bag is full

  • Let drain and repeat until your cup is full

  • Dispose of the bag considerately

  • Add milk or drink it black

We love them so much, we're stocking them across out various campgrounds and caravan parks.

The Laughing Pug Coffee Co is an Aussie success story. Director, Dylan was working in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to complete seismic reading in the jungles back in 2015. Unable to shake the need for a morning brew, he'd persist each day with his burnt instant coffee. That was until some local coffee beans were delivered on site. The locals created magic with what they had: a pillowcase, rocks and hot water. They put the coffee beans in the pillowcase, smash it with a rock, poured hot water in through the case into their mugs. "This was the simple way to extract the best tasting coffee! “Yet, somehow this was still the lightest, best tasting coffee I had ever had in my life!” said Dylan.

From then on, Dylan could not forget the taste of PNG coffee which led him to start The Laughing Pug Coffee Co. Swapping the pillow case for filter drip bags, Dylan and his team have crafted little sachets, perfect for taking with you on the go. All you have to do is add hot water to your mug and before long, you’re sipping on the perfect coffee. World class coffee anywhere.. any time.

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