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Easter Camping Checklist

Easter is fast approaching... and for many Aussies, that means the annual Easter camping trip. Whether you're going with friends, family or as a couple, planning ahead is a great way to ensure everyone has fun.

Get organised

One of the best ways to ensure a relaxing trip is to get organised before you leave.

Packing boxes or tubs, compression cubes and vacuum-packed bags are a great way to sort out your personal items and bedding.

Hanging storage compartments are great for organising your camp kitchen. Clear food containers also come in handy for organising snacks for the kids. You might even want to go a step further and meal prep for the trip using vacuum-sealed food storage.

New to camping? Check out our eight practical tips for starting out

Plan an Easter Hunt

If you're camping with family, plan for an Easter Egg hunt. Or, if you're with a group of adults, there's always the option of an Easter Beer Hunt, which is always good for a laugh.

Plan for poor weather

The weather makes no guarantees so its a good idea to take the right equipment for the location and expected weather, as well as take a few extra items for wet weather and an unexpected cold snap. Bringing additional layers is a great way to pack lightly but ensure you won't feel the cold. And a rain jacket is always a must.

Don't forget the fun and games

Taking a few fun items can save your sanity... especially if you're camping with kids. It might be as simple as throwing in a footy or soccer ball, a cricket set, bocce, finska or totem tennis. If space allows, consider taking a guitar, paddle boards, kayaks and even your bike. Or, if you're short on space, stick to cards, books and a board game or two.

Something for the car trip is also a wise idea because let's face it. Easter camping often also means facing heaving traffic on the highways. Stick with good old I spy or try a spelling bee. If you're feeling creative, plan a trivia contest. Or, try the alphabet name. Pick a topic such as animals, cars, TV characters, countries, etc. Then starting with the letter A, everyone names something that begins with that letter. For example, if the topic is animals and the letter is A, then answers might include ant, ape, and antelope. Then B might include bear, bee and butterfly.

Make meal time easy

Camping is synonymous with getting back to basics; there's nothing more basic than a meal comprising only three ingredients. The trick is ensuring some nutrition is thrown in (sorry 2-minute noodles). Read more here

Grazing plates are also a great option for mealtime. Think cheeses, dips, dried fruits, thinly sliced meats, savoury crackers and crusty bread.

If you are headed somewhere with access to a camp kitchen with an electricity supply, remember to pack the sandwich presses. It will handle a multitude of meals quickly and with minimal fuss. Read more here

Check out our definitive list of real-food staples that will get you across the line in cooking up a gourmet storm in the camp kitchen. Read more here

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