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Plan Your Easter Beer Hunt

With Easter just around the corner, people across Australia are packing their swags, loading up their campers and hitching up their caravans. But just because you're a grown-up, you don't have to miss out on the Easter festivities.

If you're a group of adults or have adult children, an Easter Beer Hunt can be a great way to entertain yourselves (and other campers). Simply switch out the chocolate eggs for your favourite beverage, start the clock and see who claims the most prized beverages.

You might be surprised to learn that specially brewed Easter beers are a longstanding tradition in countries like Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and England.

Step 1:

You’ll want to get at least six beers/person to hide around your campsite. Traditionally, Easter Beers are bottled but when camping, cans might be best. They're safer!

Step 2:

Grab a cardboard six pack holder or make your own cardboard Easter Beer Basket from the slab packaging. For some added fun, you might decide to decorate your cans in Easter themes.

Step 3:

Select a neutral party to hide the Easter Beers around your campsite and get ready to start the game.

Step 4:

Invite participants to spread out across your campsite, choosing a place to stash their Easter Beer Basket.

Step 5:

On go, players can collect one Easter Beer at a time, returning it to their Easter Beer Basket before they venture out for their next hunt.

For some added fun, once all the Easter Beers have been collected, start a timer and use the last few minutes of the game for players to steal from their competitors. Again, they can only take one at a time and must return each can to their Easter Beer Basket before venturing out again.

At the end of the game, the winner is the player with the most beers!

Have a hippity hoppity happy Easter!

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