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Etty Bay Caravan Park finalist in 2023 CPAQ Awards

The finalist are in for the 2023 Caravan Parks Association of Queensland (CPAQ)

Awards and Etty Bay Cabins & Caravan Park are in the mix. After extensive refurbishment, Etty Bay has been selected as a finalist for The 2023 Refurbishment Award.

View looking back at waterfront cabins at Etty Bay
New waterfront cabins and guest services

Refurbishment works at Etty Bay commenced with the office and kiosk space which was reconfigured to deliver an improved guest experience. The building was rewired and painted, internally and externally, and new laundry, linen and storage rooms were built to support housekeeping. Later, the dining and community area out front was expanded, and a balustrade and handrail were installed for the safety of guests.

A new kitchen with all new appliances, lighting equipment and gas lines were installed for Etty Bay Kitchen to meet compliance and health and safety requirements. This important step also enabled the Kitchen to be operated separately from guest services.

Due to the location at the base of a range in Far North Queensland, reception and communications have always been a challenge for Etty Bay. Satellite infrastructure was installed to improve guest services and daily operations. A cellular booster was also installed to provide cabin guests with wifi and streaming services via Chromecast.

Two cabins that had deteriorated beyond repair were removed to make way for six new sustainable cabins. These luxury cabins each feature a bespoke design and all the creature comforts. Queensland builder Black Fly Containers collaborated on the project. Find them on Instagram @blackflycontainers

With harsh weather conditions in the tropics, our family cabins were refurbished with a fresh coat of paint and new screened-in decks to improve the overall facade and guest privacy. The inspiration was based on contrasting with the tropical surroundings, and sustainability was top of mind. Future plans include a fresh coat of paint inside, new modern kitchen facilities and bathroom upgrades.

Family cabins at Etty Bay receive a makeover
Family cabins at Etty Bay receive a makeover

The caravan and camping grounds were also improved to accommodate a more comfortable stay. This started with the very dated guest amenities receiving a complete overhaul. The amenities refurbishment spanned removing all existing water and waste lines and a complete internal fit-out. New washer and driers were installed. More recently, the site map was improved and new slabs were laid for caravan sites. Greywater drainage access has been installed, relieving guests on sites 1 -11 of the requirement to hold and dispose of greywater. The next step is the installation of a camp kitchen.

We are incredibly grateful to our team who have worked tirelessly and our family who have made significant sacrifices to make the refurbishment possible. As a family-owned and operated business, re-investing is a significant financial and emotional decision, and we are grateful for the support we receive. Literal blood, sweat and tears have been poured into this project and we are so proud of the improvements. To our family, thank you for believing in this vision and for your support and encouragement. To our team, thank you for the hard work and persistence. To our guests, thank you for choosing us, we wish you an incredible escape to Etty Bay.

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