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Injune | Gateway to the Carnarvon Gorge

Behind the façade of the small country town of Injune, beats the heart of a vibrant community. The most northern town in the Maranoa district, Injune sits at the foothills of the Carnarvon Ranges on the western spur of the Great Dividing Range.

Injune is a great "Home Base" for your Carnarvon Experience and Gateway to the famous Carnarvon Gorge in the Carnarvon Ranges. But before you head off on your Carnarvon adventure, why not stay a few days and explore all that Injune and the surrounding Maranoa region and Central Highlands area has to offer.

Credit: Tourism & Events Queensland
Injune | Carnarvon National Park

Getting There

Image Credit: Tourism & Events Queensland / Vince Valitutti
All roads lead to the Maranoa!

From Brisbane, The Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Mt Isa, Longreach, St George, Emerald, and all points in between – all roads lead to the Maranoa! A dynamic and vibrant regional community in the South West of Queensland, the Maranoa region boasts a proud history built on agriculture and mining. The sealed roads make for comfortable driving and towing.


Roma is the Maranoa’s central commercial hub and a great place to fuel up with all the conveniences you’d expect of a regional hub.

Image Credit: Tourism & Events Queensland
Tour Roma sales yard

If you’re there on a Tuesday, join a free guided tour of the largest cattle selling centre in Australia where local graziers teach you all about the local cattle industry and watch live as auctioneers demonstrate their fast-paced skills.

For more information, contact the Roma Visitor Information Centre on 4624 0204 or just stop in. Roma's Visitor Information Centre is located within The Big Rig - a living memorial to the pioneers of Australia's oil and gas industry.


A 90km drive north of Roma on the Carnarvon Highway, is the character-filled town of Injune. Known as the gateway to the Carnarvon Range, Injune is a leisurely 90min drive to the entry of the Gorge. It’s also situated 173km south of Rolleston and 224km west of Taroom.

Along the drive from Roma to Injune you’ll pass a Queensland landmark, although you may not immediately know it. Hoothalucodinnyamungo is the longest place name in Queensland and is the Aboriginal name for the section crossing of the Great Dividing Range between Roma and Injune.

Arriving into town, your first stop should be the Injune’s Visitor Information Centre. The friendly team will greet you with a warm country welcome and a complimentary cup of tea or coffee while you relax on the veranda. With local knowledge, the team can set you up with a guided tour, give you the heads up on the conditions, share the best walking tracks from short, easy trails to difficult, remote tracks and share the local secrets regarding the surrounding National Park icons and their cultural heritage. And, there’s plenty to choose from.

Tourism and Events Queensland
Hear rich Aboriginal Dreamtime stories from the region

While Carnarvon Gorge in Carnarvon National Park might be the most well known there’s also; Lake Nuga Nuga in Nuga Nuga National Park, the Beilba and Lonesome sections of Expedition National Park, and the Mount Moffat section of Carnarvon National Park. Surround yourself with breathtaking natural landscapes, while learning about the pioneering heritage and rich Aboriginal Dreamtime stories of the region.

There’s also plenty to see in the township of Injune. Learn about local characters who’ve made their mark on the town through the series of rustic metal statues spotted around town depicting local identities of the past.

Or head to the Old Injune Cemetery - a historical site just off the highway on the southern approach to town. This cemetery dates from 1930 to 1976 and contains 11 burials and a rich and colourful history of the lives of those who have lived in Injune and District.

Want more history. Check out the Injune Train Station which features an old C17 Locomotive - a must see for any train enthusiast. The kids will get a kick out of it too.

If you’d prefer to stretch your legs before setting off on an adventure, take a leisurely stroll around the lagoon - a billabong formed from a change in the channel of Injune Creek a long time ago. Along your walk you’ll be greeted by local birdlife and enjoy the tranquility of the Australian bush in all its natural glory.


Where to stay

Injune Caravan Park is located in the heart of the township just a short walk to the local Injune Hotel and around the corner from the Visitor Information Centre.

Adjoining the Injune Lagoon, this tranquil location is a great base for exploring all that the region has to offer.


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