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Minor works at Boreen Point Campground

Noosa Shire Council are undertaking a series of minor works projects at Boreen Point Campground throughout June 2023. We expect this work will have minimal impact of guests.

Works include: screening and fencing around the office area, fencing off the dump point, installation of a keypad boom gate, minor electrical and plumbing works, and minor improvements to reconfigure the camp kitchen furniture and ensure accessibility.

All works are designed to enhance guest experience and safety.

It is expected that all works will be completed by 16 June.


A new keypad-operated boom gate has been installed at Boreen Point to enhance guest safety and prevent unauthorised access to the campground.

New keypad boomgate at Boreen Point Campground

New screening has been installed to visually enhance the reception.

New screening to enhance the campground

New Fencing has been installed around the dump point.

New fencing to provide privacy and separation for campers

The reception has had a minor makeover including new flooring to welcome guests.

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