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Rebooking Survey Results - Noosa Holiday Parks

A big thank you to all who participated in the Noosa Holiday Parks rebooking survey. We received 1,215 responses during the survey period.

The results are in and 64% of respondents indicated a preference for fixed days over dates.

The same percentage also did not want the bookings to align with school holidays. As such, the is no change to the current re-booking policy. The days you stay will remain the same each year.

For example, if you book a long weekend from Friday - Monday in one year, you will be able to secure the same long weekend from Friday - Monday in the following year regardless of the date.

  • 2023 booking: Friday 14 July - Monday 17 July 2023

  • 2024 booking: Friday 12 July - Monday 15 July 2024

Or, if you book a Monday-Sunday in one year, you will be able to book the same week the following year.

Guests with an existing booking will get the first right of refusal for re-booking based on the days they stayed.  

To check availability or to make a booking please visit the Noosa Holiday Parks website.

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