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Updates to Noosa Holiday Parks Booking Policy

The Noosa Holiday Parks bookings and cancellations policy are outlined below.


The minimum deposit payable at the time of booking for all three Noosa Holiday Parks is $50. Bookings longer than 28 days require a minimum deposit of $700. 


Payment for the total period of stay must be made prior to or on arrival, except for bookings longer than 28 days which are required to remain 14 days in payment arrears for the length of the booking. 


  •  At least 28 days notice is required to receive a refund.

  • Any credit or refund under 28 days notice will require Noosa Council approval, which may take up to a week to process and is not guaranteed. 

  • Any credit will only be valid for 12 months from the original booking date. 

  • All cancellations incur a $30 administration fee.

To read the full park rules including the booking and cancellation policy please visit:

Check availability or make a booking

To check availability or to make a booking please visit the Noosa Holiday Parks website.

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