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Top 5 ways to make a camp coffee

While camping is high in fun, trees and spending quality time with your nearest and dearest, it’s not always optimal for quality sleep. This is where your morning brew comes to the fore.

Making coffee at a campsite can mean reverting to a jar of the instant stuff. Camping may seem like the time and place for this, but if you really want a caffeine kick it’s a good idea to use legit ground beans.

Read on for our top five ways to play barista at Injune.

1. French Press

Useful both in and out of the home, the French Press is a staple for quick coffee that will serve the masses.

Simply spoon in your grounds into the carafe, add hot water, stir with a spoon (or a stick if you want to feel a bit more rugged in the outdoors), and leave to brew for a few minutes before gently pressing down with the filter. Ooh la la.

2. Espresso Pot

If you really want to lift your barista game, or if you’ve had a particularly big night, a double shot of espresso at the camp site is possible thanks to an espresso pot.

Just pack in your finely ground beans into the grounds basket so it is nice and compact, then add cold water to the bottom reservoir section. Screw everything tight and wait for the magic black bubbles to appear in the top pourer.

3. Cowboy Coffee

Accessible by cowgirls too, this is a dead easy way of making coffee, that basically uses your front teeth to strain away any rogue beans.

Using coarse ground coffee beans, heap a few teaspoons into a camping coffee pot and add cold water.

Place the pot on your heat source and brew away until the first signs of the water boiling. Turn off your flame and admire the scenery around you for three minutes while all of those heavy coffee grounds settle to the bottom of the pot.

Pour, and if you’re lucky enough to get any grounds into your cup, you’ve got something fun to chew on that is much safer for you than tobacco.

4. Aeropress

The Aeropress creates a coffee that is so delicious there are international Aeropress competitions out there drawing people far and wide to show off their biceps.

The compact, lightweight device itself is made out of plastic, meaning that it is highly bump-friendly.

To wow your camp neighbours with your cup of java, place a small disc filter into the filter cap, then into the long tube add a few spoons of ground coffee and fill with hot water. Stir, invert onto your mug, then show everyone why you’ve been hitting the gym for the past 9 months with your trusty plunging action.

5. Pour Over

There’s a competition between the Pour Over method and Cowboy/girl method for easiest way to make a campsite coffee. Either way, everyone is a winner with these options available.

A pour over coffee is as simple as taking a cone filter and inserting it into a pour over dripper- collapsible camp-style ones are available for those short on space but big on the need for caffeine.

Add ground coffee into the filter and pour hot water into the cone until the beans are ever-so-slightly damp. Add another ½ cup of water and wait for that to soak through. Repeat another couple of times until you’re out of water, but full of coffee.

Let the day begin.

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