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New Camp Kitchen for Etty Bay

Work is underway to install a new camp kitchen, making it even easier to enjoy your stay at Etty Bay. Works are expected to be completed in time for Easter.

Set within a refurbished container, the camp kitchen continues the sustainable theme for building new structures at Etty Bay.

Etty Bay Caravan Park Camp Kitchen
Internal finishes for the camp kitchen are well underway

The camp kitchen features a fridge, microwave, toaster, kettle, benchtop stove and stainless benchtops. The kitchen will also be made secure to keep the local cassowaries safe from human foods and guests at a safe distance from enquiring cassowaries.

A cleverly designed awning window opens to allow the sea breeze to pass through.

The project included laying a new slab, installing the camp kitchen, and building a shade structure with custom-built seating for guests.

Installation of camp kitchen at Etty Bay
Installation of the camp kitchen is complete. Additional features like custom build seating will be added.

In other news, works have also commenced on a new linen room for improved operations of guest services.

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